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About Diesel Zombies

Zombies are ugly lifeless creatures whose sole objective is to eat our flesh. That is until you meet Rock and Roll Diesel Zombies. Unlike your father’s zombies, these walking dead have lives that revolve around rock music, fast cars and guzzling diesel.


If Roger Fex were a zombie, he’d be a Diesel Zombie. They say write what you know and that’s what Roger has done with his latest creation. As I delve into Roger’s world of the undead, I can’t help but feel that Roger was channeling his early days as a rock promoter. There’s a parallel between the, live for today, no rules, self-indulgent, rock and roll lifestyle and the world of the soulless beings we call zombies. The dark fantasy of immortal life at any cost seems eerily similar to the unquenchable desire that drives musicians to become rock stars.


You meet a lot of so called “artists” who have traded in their souls for the promise of fame – but I digress, we are talking about zombies. The world Roger has created is complex and rich in moral ambiguities.  You could just as easily encounter a zombie who would feast on your flesh as you would run into a zombie who would sit down with you and share some diesel and turn you on to the latest alternative rock band.


You can’t take the undead too seriously – at least not diesel guzzling zombies whose favorite band is Zombie Vortex and who binge watch the Zombie Chronicles on cable TV.


Roger’s imagination is out there and fortunately Ralph Del Mundo is an artist who is able to capture Roger’s strange musing with equally imaginative drawings. The synergy between Roger and Ralph’s collaboration is mind bending.  With Ralph’s gift for endowing his drawings with uncharacteristic humanity, the undead, really come to life on the page - no pun intended.


Book One of the Rock And Roll Diesel Zombies will leave you wanting more and fortunately Roger Fex and Ralph Del Mundo, have plenty more to give.

- Robert Adetuyi

Director, Screenwriter